AO-51 - Last Heard Report


The AO-51 command team declared “end of mission” on 11/29/2011. Almost 40,000 orbits since 2004!

Above is a screen shot of David Carr’s OSCAR Status site, taken 11/29/11. The last “AO-51 HEARD” entries for that orbit 38,935 - are from AA5PK Glenn in Texas and Clayton W5PFG (11/25/11 2031 UTC). From Glenn ...

At AOS around 2033Z, I copied only telemetry (probably Drew downloading) and I was going to log "downlink only" when suddenly the transponder kicked in around 2042Z and, although the signal was weak, there were stations making contacts.  I listened for a minute or less, then LOS.  This was only a 10-degree pass for me and most of it was downlink traffic.

PU2SHF Henrique in Brazil reported hearing something on 11/27/11 at 0131 UTC - I have asked him to elaborate. But it was “non-AO-51 traffic” that he heard ...

I had a great pass over Southern California 11/27/11 at 1031 UTC - but nothing heard. Same 11/29/11 at 1051 UTC.

John K8YSE has a recording of that 11/25/11 pass.

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