Russian flight engineer Alesander Samokutiaev and Sergey Volkov deployed ARISSat-1 from the ISS on August 3, 2011. And although its UHF whip was not in place when deployed (photo here), all modes were successful.

JANUARY 4, 2012: ARISSat-1-KEDR ceased ops as it re-entered Earth’s atmosphere, with last full telemetry reports received by ground stations as the satellite passed over Japan 0602 UTC.

The picture above was the last video transmission from ARISSat-1. VERY appropriately, the last heard voice message was that from Yuri Gagarin talking to his ground crew during his historic flight in 1961!

01/04/2012 - AMSAT-NA issues ANS-004 Bulletin: “Reception reports indicate that ARISSat-1/KEDR has stopped transmitting on Wednesday, January 4, 2012 ... “

01/03/2012 - 10:03AM PST - Current pass (like RIGHT NOW - 10:03AM PST) was three minutes "ahead" of AMSAT-NA's Keplerian data. Couldn’t have asked for a cleaner, clearer downlink on 145.950! Temps were 42 and 41C ...

01/03/2012 - From Alan WA4SCA - According to the morning numbers from Space Track, ARISSat-1 is down to 191km, and losing about 1.5 km per orbit, or about 1 km per hour. The drag effects are increasing rapidly, so TODAY would be an excellent time to make any last minute QSOs through the transponder.  Thanks to those who are keeping live telemetry flowing. This is one tough satellite!"

12/30/2011 - Farrell W8ZCF reports “ ... ARISSat-1 is very much alive and giving an excellent performance through the 475.750/145.930 mHz transponder today on the 17:54Z pass over Cincinnati ... “

12/27/2011 - SSTV and FM voice reception reports are still being received (pun intended). But its orbit is most certainly deteriorating ...

12/17/2011 - Sounded GREAT here in So CA at 4:46PM PST - 145.950 FM downlink pre-recorded voices and computer voice with internal temps!

12/16/2011 - Mark N8MH and Drew KO4MA report great signals from ARISSat-1 today. Drew’s pass was just 10 degrees elevation!

12/14/2011 - From Mark N8MH - "Based on current elements and WinAOS/SatPC32, it looks like we (North America) *might* begin to get some useable passes with ARISSat-1 beginning this Friday afternoon (Dec. 16) ... “

11/30/11 - From Farrell W8ZCF - “Again nothing heard from ARISSAT-1 on the Nov 30  13:43 Z pass.  I will be observing the 13:59 Cincinnati  pass on Thursday  Dec 1.  I believe it may be out of eclipse long enough to be active. If so,  I will be listening, looking on 145.930  and trying to send SSTV, on 435.750.  Hope many  others will also try. Tx and Rx of  SSTV has been demonstrated a couple of times through the Transponder even with its shortened antenna  and I believe with persistence can be done again.”

11/03/11 - ARISSat-1 copied ... 145.950 ARISSat-1 heard ... SSTV was live ... Signals OK with Arrow antenna.

10/12/11 - REPORT FROM NEW ZEALAND - “Very poor performance ... all seven passes in Low Power Mode or Emergency Mode, even when in sunlight.”

I’ll stop updating this column ... ARISSat-1 is UP and RUNNING, when not in eclipse/shade from the sun. Update your Keplerian data regularly, as ARISSat-1’s orbit is - as expected - deteriorating. Use our Work-Sat YahooGroup to discuss!

08/10/11 - Battery deteriorating a little more quickly then expected ... See ARISSat-1 FAQ page.

08/06/11 - AMSAT-NA publishes ANS-219, another informative update bulletin of aspects of ARISSat-1.

08/05/11 - I’ll probably stop updating this column ... ARISSat-1 is UP and RUNNING! Check your regular sources for Keplerian data - most have ARISSat-1 now. You can always join our YahooGroup to discuss!

08/04/11 - Russian Federal Space Federation releases “success story” on the deployment. More sources offering Keplerian data.

08/03/11 - catalogs the satellite as 37772 and a piece of debris lost during the spacewalk as 37771.

08/03/11 - AMSAT-NA issues ANS-215 - congratulating the efforts of the dozens of individuals involved in the project. What an exciting day ... Go program your radios and monitor ARISSat-1!

08/03/11 - Russians astronauts say antenna was probably broken. We saw a helmet cam shot of UHF connector. DEPLOYMENT COMING UP! DEPLOYED!

08/03/11 - 11AM PDT - Spacewalk continues. ARISSat-1 still tethered to and riding outside ISS.

08/03/11 - NASA-TV is LIVE since 7AM PDT with EVA29 coverage. Hatch opened  7:50AM PDT. ARISSat-1 attached to ladder 8:01AM PDT. Removing solar panel covers 8:03AM PDT. ACTIVATED 8:15AM PDT. Un-tether 8:19AM PDT. ABORT - Configuration error. UHF whip missing? Mission managers discussing whether to deploy later this spacewalk. DEPLOYMENT ON HOLD.

08/03/11 RUSSIAN TIME - Russian Federal Space Agency publishes schedule for the day.

08/02/11 - AMSAT NEWS SERVICE publishes ANS-215.01.

08/02/11 - Russian Federal Space Agency declares their astronauts are ready for tomorrow’s spacewalk, and re-state a key objective: “ ... launch a microsatellite "Cedar" (experiment "Radioskaf"), dated to the year the 50th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's flight ... “

08/02/11 - AMSAT-NA establishes a page dedicated to working ARISSat-1.

08/02/11 - NASA ISS Update (now removed from their site) includes info on tomorrow’s deployment.

08/02/11 - Daily activities post at Russian Federal Space Agency indicates all is clear for ARISSat-1/Kedr deployment - as the crew prepares for EVA-29.

08/01/11 - Russian sked shows EVA-29 hatch opening at :35 after the hour.

08/01/11 - Russian crew’s ISS work schedule for 08/01 published - nothing problematic as far as ARISSat-1 or EVA-29 is concerned!

07/31/11 - AMSAT-NA reports battery at end of test was at 26.3V. I have a telemetry report taken from ARISSat-1 at the 9-hour, 44-minute elapsed time mark, indicating 29.891 ... ALL OK!

07/31/11 - Literally SCORES of positive reception reports during the test!

07/31/11 - 2:38AM PDT pass - voice 437.550 and BPSK USB 145.920 heard - VERY strong in DM13 / Southern California!

07/31/11 - No FM voice heard on 145.950 during 1:03AM PDT (08:03 GMT) pass here in Southern California. Heard ARISSat-1 “key up,” but not followed by any transmissions. I did not monitor any other frequency.

07/30/11 - Russian Federal Space Agency publishes 07/31 ISS task schedule, including “ ... at the Russian segment of International Space Station will be shutdown microsatellite "Cedar" (experiment "Radioskaf")” - as expected.

07/30/11 - AMSAT News Service publishes ANS-209.

07/30/11 - Reception reports from Japan and South Africa - ARISSAT-1 is activated! Scores of reports coming in from several continents!

07/30/11 - Russian Federal Space Federation publishes as a task today,  “ ... prepare and test integration of microsatellite "Cedar" (experiment "Radioskaf"), as well as weekly cleaning stations, coolant maintenance and rest of the crew ... “ - as expected!

07/29/11 - Kedr not specifically mentioned in the Russian’s published schedule for the Russian crew for 07/29. But we weren’t expecting it to be mentioned ...

07/28/11 - The Russian’s published schedule for today includes routine “preparation of Kedr” task.

07/27/11 - AMSAT published ANS-208 - Deployment of ARISSat-1 bulletin.

07/27/11 - The charging of the ARISSat-1‘s battery is near the top of the published list of tasks to be performed by the Russians aboard the ISS today! At the end of the ISS work day, no “negative” news from the Russians published. And the schedule for tomorrow (07/28) includes routine “preparation of Kedr” task.

07/26/11 - An incredibly busy day for the ISS crew ... but nothing Kedr-related was scheduled today.

07/25/11 - Russian Federal Space Agency published weekly ISS astronaut schedule. Included is “Wed July 27, charging battery for Kedr,” “Sat July 30, preparation and test initialization of Kedr,” and “Sunday, July 31, Kedr switch-off.”

07/25/11 - Roscosmos press release. Highlights: “ ... prepare for a spacewalk slated for August 3 ... objectives [include] launch of the Kedr microsatellite devoted to the 50th anniversary of Yury Gagarin’s space mission ... space walk is to commence at 18.30 MSK and to last about 6 hours.”

07/23/11 - NASA will televise the Russian EVA29 - Wednesday, August 3 at 7:00AM PDT (spacewalk begins at 7:30AM PDT) - on its Public, HD, and Media channels.

07/19/11 - AMSAT-NA’s Web site’s home page posted links to telemetry and SSTV software dedicated to ARISSat-1.



ARISSat-1 RadioSkaf-V Kedr

How We Worked ARISSat-1

We heard ARISSat-1 with mere 2M HTs and a little gain in the antenna!

Click here to download AA4KN’s QST article, Getting Ready for ARISSat-1.

For papers on ARISSat-1 SSTV reception, click here. And here.

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ARISSat-1 Use Poll ...

Last frame from ARISSat-1.

POLL RESULTS 01/04/2012

354 responded to my simple poll,

“Will you be working ARISSat-1?”

Monitoring FM voice? - 315

Working SSTV? - 157

Linear transponder? - 129

BPSK-400 Beacon? - 72

BPSK-1000 Beacon? - 69

No interest - sorry! - 3

Very un-scientific, of course. Thanks to those from the U.S., Norway, Italy, the U.K., Australia, Belgium, Germany, Malaysia, Turkey, Sweden, Indonesia, South Africa, Canada, Argentina, Bulgaria, Spain, France, Hungary, Japan - and elsewhere - who took the poll!