ARISSat-1 Antenna


Screen shot of  bottom of ARISSat-1 during EVA29. Taken a few minutes before deployment was called off.

The short whip on the bottom of ARISSat-1 model in this photo is not apparent on the screenshot from the space walk.

Sixty more screenshots from the spacewalk are at these sites ...

(both galleries are the same)

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8:07AM PDT (about 17 minutes after hatch opening).

There’s the 2M whippy antenna on the right of ARISSat-1. Is that the 440 antenna - bent - on the left?

UPDATE 10:25PM PDT - Yet another Bradford “Duh!” moment? Yes - sorry.  Andrew KO4MA points out that the 440 whip should be Kapton tape gold in color. That “object” on the left is the tether ... And now, as I turn up the brightness on my monitor, I can plainly see the curving tether attached to the ISS. OK - enough for today. G’night!


ARISSat-1 - Missing UHF Whip?

Where's the whip?
There's the whip - on display at a convention.
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