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Pictured above is K6LCS working with the Heil PR40 - considered one of the “ultimate” mics for podcasting and other voice work. Leo LaPorte swears by them, as do many other mediacast professionals.

So when I heard of a new Heil dynamic element mic geared to the amateur radio market retailing for well under US$100, I wasn’t immediately excited. “But it’s got the Heil name on it,” I thought to myself. “Bob wouldn’t release a sub-par mic just to “hit” a certain price point ... “

So I ordered one. Plugged in to my PR40 setup - ProSonus TubePRE preamp with TungSol 12AX7 tube, and fed in to my 17” MacBook Pro.

The Heil HM-12 is a great sounding microphone - at ANY price.

Heil has tricked out this mic with three layers of “pop” and wind noise protection - one layer inside the head, and two layers on the actual mic element. See the photo below - the material of the screen material shown reminds me of what I use in my koi pond’s filter. There’s also a little shock protection inside for the element. It is a VERY natural-sounding mic. “Drive” and “Gain” settings used on the preamp for the PR-40 didn’t need to be changed a bit.

Spec sheet claims 80hz-14kHz response, with a great almost-35db rear rejection - practically  eliminating undesired noises from your room. I am using a Heil 4-to-3-pin XLR adapter on my setup.  Hams will be using the Heil CC-1 Series cables.

For my non-ham uses, this is an incredible bargain. I mean, I can purchase four of these for in-studio guests for the price of a single PR40. Don’t worry - my PR40 isn’t going anywhere ... (grin). For hams, this high-output dynamic element is going to sound GREAT on about any transceiver with a low impedance mic input.

Clint Bradford, K6LCS

June 16, 2011

Links ...

Click on the photo to go to Heil Sound’s HM-12 page.

HM-12 insert data sheet (1.8MB .pdf)

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A Heil Mic for UNDER a Hundred Bucks?

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