HAM NATION Episode 11 - 08/02/2011


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Although a lot of preparation and planning went into creating my segment on Bob Heil’s Ham Nation Episode 11 on August 2 ... you wouldn’t have known it by how it all turned out.

There were 11 illustrative slides to show. There were more questions. We DID have a plan ...

But not only did the start of the broadcast get delayed for technical reasons, we were also told that we needed to get out of the studio at the top of the hour.

And from a technical standpoint, it was gruesome. Never did I have my earpiece audio match the live video ... same with Gordon West mid-way through ... I never knew if my slides were up ... I saw some of what I had said twenty seconds beforehand come on as "live" on my monitor ... and when the cut to Leo LaPorte himself was flawed, I can only imagine the blood pressures rising in Leo’s new studios in Petaluma.

So any “script” or planning got tossed. The resulting video is choppy and disjointed. It was difficult “mixing” all of us on differing-quality data lines. We’ll do another satellite show in a couple months.

And the firm we were using for handling audio/video from interviewees was, well, “re-thought.” It was a madhouse behind the scenes. But Leo's people are changing services - it will ONLY get better in future episodes!

And did you notice that Gordo got some broadband speed into his Costa Mesa shack, too, for Episode 12? That next episode looked great!

We had fun. The birthday cupcakes from Gordo & Suzi and Bob & Sarah were unexpected and delightful. AND how many hams can say that they have had “Happy Birthday” played to them on LIVE TV by Bob Heil? (grin)

K6LCS on the air.

my home studio

screen shots

K6LCS with birthday carrot cake.
New TWIT studios.
KLCS shows off a FT-60R.
Bob Heil plays Happy Birthday to K6LCS!

Clockwise ...

  1. 1.K6LCS birthday carrot cake

  2. 2.Leo’s new studio

  3. 3.Bob plays “Happy Birthday” to me

  4. 4.‘LCS and a Yaesu FT-60R


technical nightmare ... but fun!

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