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It’s impossible to cover everything in either a one-hour presentation or in a four-page tutorial. So join our Work-Sat YahooGroup

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Bob Heil and Gordon West testimonials.

I want to thank you for your wealth of information on your Website.

I've been a ham for a little over two months now, and using the information from your site I made contacts on SO-50 on my first try.

This is way more fun than I thought I would have with an HT.

More comments - AKA, “What makes this all worthwhile!” (g)

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CLICK HERE for a tutorial covering

the satellite operating basics!

CLICK HERE just for SO-50

AO-85/91/92, and ISS freqs.

Both documents updated 05/14/2018


Getting started with ham satellites is easier than many think! Everything you need is right here to access an FM satellite or two, monitor the ISS - and more - using equipment most ham radio operators already own!

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