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SSB Site Citations


Thanks to Ed VE3WGO, here are some great resources for getting started working SSB satellites -

AMSAT-UK’s site - with plenty of references (initial video is of working V0-52, which is no longer with us. But the techniques are worthwhile watching!).


KA7FVV's site


DK3WN's site at


ARRL's very interesting Satellite Learning pages at 


Of course, there are also the 

https://Amsat.org and https://Amsat-uk.org 

sites for satellite info ...

and K6LCS’ own http://Work-Sat.com site for FM sat setup and operating.

As well as the RAC.ca sat news pages, too, on their Web sites


Gunter's space launch pages are very cool, too, for those interested in technical details of rockets, sats, and launch schedules - 



Josh’s HRO Ham Jam 2018 Video - YouTube Channel

Find Josh’s YouTube videos - and links to social media sites - at ...