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Download a copy of Icom’s U.S. Grid Square Map ... or the ARRL’s Handy Operations Guide, with the ITU phonetics we all should be using. There’s a frequency chart for the easy-to-work satellites, and more ...

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Docs ‘n’ Stuff

Icom’s Grid Square Map (local download)

Grid Square Locator Site

ARRL’s Handy Ops Guide (FSD220)

JE9PEL’s Ham Sat History (updated regularly)

Mike DK3WN’s Sat Site (updated regularly)

ARRL Ham Bands chart

Thank you, AMSAT-UK, for publishing my tutorial (again!) in your March, 2018 Journal!

Click on the logo above for a copy!

-Watch the W5KUB Work-Sat Show!

- WHAT? A Heil mic for less than $100?

-And here’s a review of the Heil USBQ inline mic pre-amp

-The Making of Ham Nation Episode 46

- when we worked the ISS ...

-The Making of Ham Nation Episode 11

- working the birds! And Bob Heil plays “Happy Birthday” to me.


Your choice: Wade through the 84-page user manual, or follow this one-page sheet for programming your FT-60R. Same doc as what is passed out at the “Get to Know Your FT-60R” slideshows and VOIP/GoToMeeting presentations. (43 kb .pdf)

UV5R-V2 CHIRP Datafiles

CHIRP-generated .csv and .img datafiles for the Baofeng UV-5R-V2: US simplex freqs, NOAA WX freqs, satellites SO-50, AO-91, AO-92 - and more.

GoToMeeting - System Requirements

System requirements for joining our sessions! (45 kb .pdf)

Yaesu’s SBH-13 Desktop Charger

Just basic data sheet for NiMH drop-in charger now included (2Q 2013) with the FT-60R (78 kb .pdf)

Improving the FT-817‘s Power Input

Phil AD5X shows how to protect your ‘817‘s power input, and enables the use of PowerPoles for power. Great, easy-to-build enhancement for your ‘817. (147 kb .pdf)

Build Your Own Dual-band J-pole

EVERY ham should build one of these! - They are fun AND efficient AND very transportable. Fellow ham Edison Fong shows you how! (672 kb .pdf) Click here for one that mounts inside PVC for mounting outside ... or click here for Edison’s roll-up model.! (579kb .pdf)

Orange County Fair - Sat Demo

At the award-winning (again!) OCCARO ham radio booth! ARRL SW Division newsletter article on our satellite pass at the ORCO Fair.

EchoMac and Apple Routers

For Snow Leopard users. How to set up “port mapping” manually on your system. (320 kb .pdf)

Icom’s U.S. Grid Square Map

... available here for your convenience (902 kb .pdf)

Yaesu FT-60R Manual - pre-2013

Yaesu FT-60R Manual - current

... Yaesu has been shipping the FT-60R with the SBH-13 drop-in charger since early 2013.

KENWOOD Cheat Sheets

One-page programming guides for the TH-G71A, TH-F6A, TM-271A, TM-G707A, TH-D7A, TH-K2AT, and TM-D700. (106 kb .pdf)

KENWOOD TH-F6A Service Manual

Kenwood discontinued this “part” - and offered us the .pdf copy at no charge for this wonderful HT.

ICOM HT Cheat Sheets

One-page programming guides for the IC-R20, IC-T2H, IC-T7H, IC-T81A, IC-T90, IC-V8, IC-U82, IC-V82, IC-W2, IC-W32, IC-Z1A. (631 kb .pdf)

ICOM Mobile Cheat Sheets

One-page programming guides for the IC-207H, IC-208H, IC-706, IC-706MKII, IC-706MKIIG, IC-910, IC-2100, IC-2720, IC-V8000. (590 kb .pdf)

Calculating Doppler Frequencies

The actual equation to determine Doppler shift during a satellite pass. Get your slide rules out! (94 kb .pdf)

Grand Terrace Testimony

K6LCS’ brief testimony during antenna restrictions hearing (52 kb .pdf)

ARRL Attorney’s Citations

Antenna restrictions hearing - legal citations (42 kb .pdf)

Trek Plant Tour

Gary Fisher tours the Trek frame plant in 1978. Bicycling Magazine. (896 kb .pdf)

JK Audio InnKeeper Manual

The audio interface device we used for our contact with the ISS. (229kb .pdf)

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